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Sabtu, 23 Agustus 2008

Bleach Zanpaku-to

Mungkin ada yang gatau tentang apa itu zanpaku-to... mudah2an info yg sedikit ini bisa membantu... untuk lebih jelasnya bisa lihat ke www.bleachportal.net ... soalnya info-info di sana lengkaaaapppppp... bgt....

An Explanation of Terms:
Zanpaku-to, Shikai, Bankai Almost as important to the story of Bleach as Ichigo, Rukia, Aizen and the other characters are the swords that they carry; their zanpaku-to. Unlike other series' super-special attacks and weapons, the blades of Bleach are characters in and of themselves, with quirks and personalities of their own.

A zanpaku-to is the direct reflection of the power of its wielder, a shinigami's spiritual pressure given physical form. While they mostly look like any other katana an old-time samurai might carry around, zanpaku-to are far from normal. The foremost difference is the ability of zanpaku-to to harm shinigami. Since shinigami are really a kind of ghost, normal blades and weapons can't touch them. In fact, "zanpaku-to" literally means "soul cutting sword."

The other major point that separates them from plain ol' swords is a zanpaku-to's ability to transform. Each blade has up to three distinct forms which its wielder can acces according to their strength and skill. The first, and one that doesn't take any effort to attain, is the blade's normal form. With a few exceptions, a zanpaku-to's normal form is indistinguishable from that of a plain katana.

The second form is called "Shikai", or "first release". The key to Shikai is learning the zanpaku-to's name. Discovering it is not the easiest thing in the world; some Shinigami never do manage it. But for those that do, they gain a whole new level of power. Easily triggered by an incantation unique to each sword, a shikai zanpaku-to changes immensely, often becoming a weapon far removed from a sword. Also, shikai zanpaku-to usually have special powers a shinigami can use, such as poisons, illusions or power blasts.

"Bankai", the third form, means "all release". Only shinigami at the Captain's rank, or highly powerful Vice-Captains can acquire bankai. Increasing the zanpaku-to's power by as much as a factor of ten, it takes many decades of intense training to learn bankai (or three days of cheating courtesy of Urahara and Yoruichi. ^^) Triggering a zanpaku-to's bankai needs only a one-word incantation: Bankai.

Bankai zanpaku-to get additions to their names, indicating it is New and Special, and it changes even more drastically, usually (presently with only 1 exception) becoming something far, far larger than the wielder.

As of the present (Chapter 183), 26 zanpaku-to have been introduced, and we've seen 7 Bankai. But there are still several Captains and Vice-Captains who haven't shown us what their zanpaku-to can do, and several of the blades we have seen have only given us teasers. So this list is not nearly finished yet.

Ashisogi Jizou (Legshredder Priest)

Wielder: Kurotsuchi Mayuri, 12th Div. Captain
First Shikai: Chapter 122, vol. 14, Don't Lose Your Grip On
First Bankai: Chapter 125, vol. 15, Insanity and Genius

In it's plain form, Ashisogi Jizou looks mostly like a normal katana. However, in place of the crossguard are some randomly jutting spikes and a haphazardly wrapped cloth. Captain Kurotsuchi keeps it in a loose, blobby-looking light colored sheath hung from the very front of his belt, dangling from his belly button down to between his knees.

Ashisogi Jizou has one of the freakiest Shikai forms. The blade's hilt is normal, but that's about it. In place of the crossguard are the randomly jutting spikes, but they're longer and have gained trailing cloths. Above the crossguard is the weirdest part: a huge, round, bronze face that looks like a bald, bulging-eyed cross between your typical Area 51 alien and a baby. The thing is at least as big as Kurotsuchi-taicho's own head. The blade itself splits into three wavy prongs that come out at angles from the top and sides of the baby/alien's head, like some crazy set of horns, with the middle prong being the longest. As an ability, Ashisogi Jizou paralyzes the motor nerves of whatever living thing it hits. It doesn't matter what part of the body is struck, the paralysis moves through the body like a poison until the victim is completely immobile. Sadistically, the same poison also amplifies things for the victim's pain receptors, so even the slightest cut hurts like all hell. Captain Kurotsuchi brings about the bizzare change to Shikai with the phrase "kakimushire" (pluck and scratch).


In Bankai, the weird face on Ashisogi's Shikai gets a gargantuan body... of a sort. The head now looks way more alien-like than it does baby-ish, and it has a huge golden hoop with dangling bells circling it like an oversized halo. The body itself is shrouded in a ragged, grayish cloak that makes it look like a floating ghost. Underneath the cloak is a fat, pasty-pale caterpillar-like torso. Mist constantly streams from the corners of its little, pursed mouth. The most dangerous part of the Bankai, that mist is a specialized poison Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou makes from Captain Kurotsuchi's blood. One good lungful of the stuff is lethal to any living thing within almost two hundred yards of him. Captain Kurotsuchi himself is unaffected, of course. If that doesn't get you, it can sprout a forest of swordblades from it's "neck" area and rumble right over you.

Benihime (Crimson Princess)

Wielder: Urahara Kisuke, Racketeer [SPOILER] Former 12th Division, Captain [/SPOILER]
First Shikai: Chapter 65, vol. 8, Collisions
First Bankai: None, yet.

Benihime gets kudos for being one of the more unusual normal-form zanpaku-to; Urahara totes her around as a cane-sword. She also has the flaming skull sigil, which means Urahara can use her to separate souls from bodies.

Benihime doesn't look too much different in Shikai form. Her hilt is a little on the longer side, mostly because the last two or three inches are bent at an angle. A cute little tassel dangles off the end. Instead of a crossguard, there is a decorative string wrapped thrice around the hilt, with a three-loop bow on one side and a folded paper decoration on the other. An almost skirt-like decoration covers the first three or four inches of blade, with a flower petal design right as it meets the string-crossguard. Benihime's blade is straight and slim, though somewhat short, with the tip ending in a slanted razor-like edge instead of being tapered to a point. Urahara triggers the change to Shikai with the word "okiro" (awaken). Not much in the way of Benihime's powers have been shown off yet, but Urahara has given us a glance at one; "Chigasumi no Tate" (Blood-mist Shield). Requiring a little of Urahara's blood and the word "nake" (cry), Benihime can make a thick, red block of a shield in front of Urahara strong enough to hold off one of Zangetsu's Getsuga Tenshou strikes.

Fujikujaku (Wysteria Peacock)

Wielder: Ayasegawa Yumichika, 11th div, 5th Seat
First Shikai: Chapter 147, vol. 17, Countdown to the End 3: [Blind Light, Deaf Beat]
First Bankai: Yumichika is only a 5th-seat, so he is incapable of Bankai.

Fujikujaku is one of the few zanpaku-to which has an unusual normal-form; a sicle. Actually, it's a four-bladed sicle, each blade atop the other and pinned the base of the hilt so that they can slide out into a sharp fan with a flick of Yumichika's wrist. Though, somehow Yumichika manages to carry it around in a normal-looking sword sheath. Hmm... ;>.> Anyway, Fujikujaku's crossguard is more of a fat cross than a regular rectangle, and it has some intricate etchings of peacock feathers on it.

We get a very quick glimpse of Fujikujaku's Shikai form, but not a very good one. What it looks like I don't know, but it does have the nasty ability to leech off its opponent's spiritual pressure and feed that to Yumichika. So you end up exhausted and Yumichika ends up hyper in a very short amount of time.

Haineko (Ash Cat)

Wielder: Morimoto Rangiku, 10th Div. Vice-captain
First Shikai: Chapter 169, vol. ? End of Hypnosis
First Bankai: don't think she can do this one yet...

Haineko breaks no molds with it's normal form, looking just like any other katana. The crossguard is a stylized cat's head, with two triangles on the top half curving into ear-points and the bottom half tapering down into a single point. Rangiku carries Haineko just like any other sword, stuck through her obi at her waist.

Haineko is in the same group as Senbon Zakura in that it's Shikai form is pretty much invisible. With the trip-phrase "Unare!" (Growl!) from Morimoto, Haineko's blade puffs into a cloud of smoke. What that smoke does.... we don't know. Yet. Hurry up, Kubotite!

Houzukimaru (Houzuki)

Wielder: Madarame Ikkaku, 11th div, 3rd Seat
First Shikai: Chapter 87, vol. 10, Dancing With Spears
First Bankai: Ikkaku isn't close to that good yet...

Houzukimaru is nothing unusual in it's normal form, looking like any regular katana. Madarame does hide a small vial of healing ointment in the base of the hilt, though. Houzukimaru's crossguard is an oval, with what look like three small teardrops in relief on both the top and bottom end. Those marks are probably meant to represent "oni-bi" (demon fire), little balls of blue flame that have a thin wisp trailing up off the top, usually found floating in graveyards in Japanese ghost stories and myths.

Madarame fights in an unusual style, using both Houzukimaru's blade and sheath, one in each hand. Madarame thunks the base of his sheath into the top of the hilt and clips out the word "nobiro" (extend). The sheath and hilt join together, morphing into a japanese spear, called a naginata. But that's not all Houzukimaru is. Another short command of "sakero" (split), and it splits into three separate pieces joined by short lengths of chain; in other words, a san-setsu-kon (three-section staff). Madarame can manipulate the two joints at will, popping them open or closed as he needs to.

NOTE: You may have noticed that Houzukimaru's name doesn't change much in English. A "houzuki" is a type of flower in japan that looks more like a little red paper lantern than a real flower. The fruit from the houzuki plant, a ground-cherry, grows inside that "lantern". Houzuki bloom in the fall, and it is culturally associated with "Obon", the Festival of the Dead.

Hyourinmaru (Ice Ring)

Wielder: Hitsugaya Toushiro, 10th div, Captain
First Shikai: Chapter 132, vol 17, Creeping Limit
First Bankai: Chapter 170, vol ?, End of Hypnosis 2; The Galvanizer

Hyourinmaru is not too different from a regular katana in its normal-form. The most outstanding feature is its crossguard, which is in the shape of a golden, four-pointed star. Captain Hitsugaya usually carries Hyourinmaru slung over his back, hilt poking over his right shoulder, instead of at his hip.

With a cry of "Souten ni zase!" (Sit upon the frozen heavens), Captain Hitsugaya doesn't so much make Hyourinmaru itself change as he does summon a giant dragon made of water. An eastern dragon, not the western fire-breathing type, it's probably several hundred gallons of near-freezing water that he can point and send anywhere he wants. Hyourinmaru itself stays pretty much the same, but grows a long chain off the butt of the hilt with a crescent-shaped blade attached to the end. Both dragon and chain radiate such a chill that any water, even the moisture in the air, starts to freeze. So even if you don't drown in the deluge that is the dragon, the water still soaking you will freeze you to your core. All that put together is more than enough to start affecting even the local weather patterns!

(Great Crimson Ice Ring)

The most powerful known water/ice-elemental zanpaku-to, Dai Guren Hyourinmaru includes not only a moving ice-floe, but also independently mobile ice-stars. Captain Hitsugaya still has a metal blade to hold, the ice flaring over his arm and off his right shoulder. Dai Guren's blade stays almost exactly the same, actually losing the chain and crescent from it's shikai, but the crossguard morphs into a huge multi-pointed golden star. What Captain Hitsugaya can do with this is unfortunately not known, due to the untimely interference of one Captain Aizen.

Zabimaru (Snaketail)

Wielder: Abarai Renji, 6th Div. Vice-Captain
First Shikai: Chapter 56, vol 7, Na mo Kikenu Kodomo (the child who can't hear names)
First Bankai: Chapter 141 vol. 17, Kneel to the Baboon King

Like the vast majority of other zanpaku-to, Zabimaru's normal form looks exactly like any old katana, and Renji carries it stuck through his obi, like any samurai would. The only difference is the crossguard, which has a stylized lighting-bolt pattern carved into it.

With a quick shout of "Hoero!" (Howl!), Renji changes Zabimaru from an unassuming katana to a much larger, heavier weapon looking a lot like a sawblade. Zabimaru is comprised of seven rectangular plates that gradually widen from hilt to tip. Jutting out from the sharpened end of each plate is a flat, tooth-like spike, the last one on the last plate being long enough to qualify as a fang. The real surprise comes when opponents figure out that Zabimaru is not a sword, it's a *whip*. The plates are joined with a flexible material that can extend incredible distances. Renji can mentally control the length of the whip, but it still takes some weapons finesse to control it directionally. Shikai Zabimaru has one other ability, which Renji rarely uses. Called "Higa Zekkou" (Monkey Fang Absolute Bite), it allows him to control almost telekenetically the scattered pieces Zabimaru to "bite" into an opponent in one huge pile.

BANKAI: HIHIOU ZABIMARU (Baboon King Snaketail)
Though he's called the "Baboon King" Hihiou Zabimaru is really a giant snake skeleton. Renji holds onto the tip of the tail, which then coils into multitudes of round ribs all the way up into a huge snake head, complete with white furry ruff at the back of the skull-joint and several rows of fangs. Like Shikai Zabimaru, Hihiou Zabimaru is a whip, it just has a much, much larger range. Instead of having a flexible material joining the rib segments, all of Hihiou Zabimaru is held together by Renji's spiritual pressure, so it's nearly impossible for an opponent to sever it. The head can actually search out and bite opponents of it's own will to some extent, as well. Renji himself also changes appearance to a noticeable extent. He gains a white fur mantle over his black shinigami robes, held in place by an animal-fang chain. Decorating his left shoulder is a long, flat baboon skull.

NOTES: Besides Zangetsu, Zabimaru is the only other Zanpaku-to Avatar we've met. A huge (as in stands almost 5ft. tall at the shoulder huge) dignified-looking baboon with a snake for a tail, Zabimaru is actually two personalities in one. Interestingly, the baboon half of Zabimaru sports the long, slim pointed lines of a tatoo across his back and over his shoulders. One branch even snakes (pardon the pun) it's way down each arm almost to the wrist.Personality-wise, Zabimaru has two different voices, but they share the same outlook. The baboon speaks like an old man and the snake like a teenage punk, but both have a touch of irreverance and bossiness, as well as a distinct fondness for a good fight.

Zangetsu (Cutting Moon)

Wielder: Kurosaki Ichigo
First Shikai: Chapter 67, vol. 8, End of Lessons
First Bankai: Chapter 162, vol. ?, Black Moon Rising

Zangetsu, an unorthodox zanpaku-to for an unorthodox shinigami. ^-^ For the first 6 volumes of the manga, Zangetsu looks exactly like a normal katana, except for his size; frickin' HUGE. He was big enough to make claymores jealous, being as long as Ichigo is tall (5'8" or so), and at least a hand in width. His crossguard was the normal rectangle, with a stylized flame pattern on the long sides, and a simple decorative slit on the short ones. Ichigo carried Zangetsu slung over his back, the heavy sheath held in place with a thick leather belt studded with double-rows of metal-ringed holes.Then came the fights with Captain Kuchiki and Urahara. Zangetsu was badly broken and Ichigo thoroghly schooled, but the end result was Ichigo learned Zangetsu's name, and hence learned his---

Shikai Zangetsu looks more like an elegant cleaver than a formal "katana". He has no crossguard and no proper hilt; what Ichigo holds is the cloth-wrapped tang. Zangetsu is still as long as Ichigo is tall, but the blade is a hand-width only at it's base. From there it tapers in one long arc into a sharp, pointed tip. The cloth wrapping on the tang seems to react to Ichigo's will, changing length at a thought or twining about the blade in an impromptu sheath. Instead of the heavy belt for Zangetsu's sheath, a red chain of interconnecting triangles (one that looks a lot like a spinal column if you look right) runs from Ichigo's right shoulder to left hip. There's no connection or anything, he just puts Zangetsu across his back and the blade sticks. Shikai Zangetsu's power is simple but deadly. He can translate Ichigo's spiritual pressure into tangible energy. The resulting crescent moon of light is called "Getsuga Tenshou" (Moonfang Skyshock) and it can slice cleanly through anything; rock, buildings, people. However, Ichigo is still working on mastering this particular power. Strangely, Zangetsu is constantly in his Shikai form. Ichigo has yet to figure out how to get him to transform into a "normal form".

BANKAI: TENSA ZANGETSU (Heaven's Chain Cutting Moon)
The one exception to the "bankai is big" rule, Tensa Zangetsu is comparatively very small. In fact, this is the only form in which Zangetsu looks anything like a normal sword. He is still as long as he always was, but he now has a formal hilt, crossguard and blade. Instead of the cloth his Shikai form had, a short length of chain dangles from the base of the hilt. He finally gets a crossguard, though it isn't normal. Four prongs bend out to form the kanji for "ban", with the base of the blade at it's center. And every last square inch of him is dead black. Even his Getsuga Tenshou are dark as pitch.As for Tensa Zangetsu's ability, he takes everything that most bankai put into being big and translates it into speed boosts for Ichigo. The boosts are big enough that Ichigo can launch Getsuga Tenshou from two totally opposite sides of a target *almost simultaneously*.Like Renji, Ichigo himself also changes appearance, albeit very slightly. The top half of his shinigami blacks becomes a sort of suit topcoat instead of a kimono, pinned together at one spot, then left to flare out into ragged ends.

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Hmmm... kayanya kalo denger ANIME BLEACH uda ga asing lagi di telinga, selain uda ditayangin di Indosiar setiap hari Minggu, mungkin para penggemar anime di Indonesia uda tau lewat internet atau dari manga scan.
Buat yang ga tau sama sekali, rugiiiiiii bangettttt.... Soalnya anime ini cukup menarik untuk ditonton dan dikoleksi. So check this out...

( Bleach manga was originally created by Kubo Tite. As the manga became popular the anime was created which broadcasts at 6:30pm on Tuesdays on TV Tokyo in Japan. Viz Media currently translate the manga into English and is distributed globally. )

Dalam anime Bleach ini yang menjadi tokoh utama adalah Kurosaki Ichigo beserta teman-temannya. Dalam sekuel pertama diceritakan bagaimana Ichigo menjadi seorang shinigami subtitusi mengantikan Rukia akibat terluka menolong keluarganya. Alur berjalan terus maju mengisahkan bagaimana perjalanan hidup Ichigo (masa lalunya dan sekarang) dan bagaimana ia bertemu dengan teman-teman seperjuangannya. Setelah itu, cerita berjalan menceritakan bagaimana Rukia dipaksa kembali ke Soul Society dan akan dihukum mati karena melanggar aturan yang ada. Ichigo berusaha menyelamatkan Rukia dengan nekad datang ke Soul Society. Di sini karaker Ichigo mulai menunjukkan transformasi menjadi hebat lebih dari sebelumnya padahal Ichigo hanya seorang subtitusi. Kemudian dalam sekuel ini juga diceritakan tentang pengkhianatan yang dilakukan oleh Aizen, Gin, dan Tousen. Bahkan, mulai terungkap rencana busuk Aizen yang jahat dan keji. Akibatnya, Ichigo harus menempa ilmu agar menjadi lebih hebat lagi. Peperangan antara Soul Society dengan Aizen berlanjut bahkan Ichigo dan teman-temannya harus melawan lawan yang amat sangat kuat. Perang dengan Aizen masih belum selesai bahkan menggantung tetapi Ichigo mendapatkan tugas baru, yaitu melindungi seorang putri dari salah satu klan paling kuat di Soul Society.

Bleach Gotei 13

The Gotei 13 is the name given to the 13 Divisions of the Shinigami in Soul Society. Anyone classified as a Shinigami is put into 1 of the 13 Divisions, whether they are a Captain or Vice-Captain, hold a Seat, or are just a member, they are still an important part of the Division.

Each Division of the Gotei 13 has a Captain and a Vice Captain, they are generally the strongest of the whole Division. To become a Captain, a Shinigami must first have achived Ban-Kai as one of the prerequisites. The Captain and Vice Captain usually travel together and get along well.

A Shinigami cannot be seen in the human world, they leave Soul Society when they are going on missions to balance the Spirits in the world. Those that can see Ghosts can generally not see Shinigami, but there are exceptions and it is a very rare gift.

Each Shinigami wears black robes with white trimming and a white cloth b
elt. On special occassions they wear a arm band to signify thier rank in their specific Division. The Captain of a Division wears a White Robe with the Number of their Division in Kanji on the back.

The Shinigami have three duties:

  • To preform the 'Soul Burial' and send ghosts to Soul Society or Hell.
  • To track down and 'clense' hollows from the human world.
  • To regulate and balance the souls in each world.


1st Division

Captain : Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni

First Division Captain and founder of the shinigami academy. By virtue of his position and seniority, he is also the supreme commander of the Gotei 13. Yamamoto-taicho looks like a very old man, almost after the fashion of the Taoist Immortals, but under his shinigami robes he still has a strong body that has not decayed with age. His spiritual pressure is possibly greater than any other being in Soul Society; it was enough to paralyze Ise Nanao--the Eighth Division Vice-Captain--with a mere glance. He wields Ryuujin Jakka, the strongest of all fire-type zanpaku-to. His skill in kidou is unknown, but probably as formidable as his swordsmanship, as he appears to embody the convention of the "old master." Kyouraku Shunsui (8th Division Captain) and Ukitake Juushiro (13th Division Captain) seem to have a particularly strong relationship with Yamamoto-taicho. He mentions that they were the first graduates of his shinigami academy to rise to the rank of captain, and some clips from the anime show Yamamoto-taicho sparring with the two (and easily winning).

Vice Captain : Unknown

Not much is known about this man, other than his outfit, which is somewhat different and more formal than those of the other vice-captains. Judging from his appearance, face, and weapon, it is probably a safe guess that he is a sophisticated sort of man.

2nd Divisions

Former Captain : Shihouin Yoruichi

Former Captain of the Second Division. Born into the noble Shihouin family, Yoruichi quickly rose to the rank of captain, and was apparently quite talented at the job. However, the day came when Urahara Kisuke was exiled, which prompted Yoruichi to help him and follow him to the mortal world. She has since stayed near Urahara, though in the form of a black cat (this seems to be a unique talent of hers). Yoruichi is smart, sarcastic, and extremely confident, bordering on arrogance. She does not hesitate to show off her impressive talents (nor apparently her impressive body, at least to Ichigo). However, she is quite well aware of her limitations, and is content to retreat to gain a tactical advantage. She does not seem to wield a zanpaku-to (circumstantial evidence suggests that Soi Fong's Suzumebachi was once Yoruichi's), but her talent in combat is impressive. She has mastered kidou, and is possibly the most talented practitioner of shunpo in history. These combine to make her a lethal opponent easily capable of taking on a captain-class enemy, even without a zanpaku-to.

Captain : Soi Fong

Captain of the Second Division, and Commander of Covert Operations and Executive Militia. Not much is known about Soi Fong. She is from a lower noble that served the great Shihounin family, and became a comrade of Shihouin Yoruichi (former Captain of the Second Division) at a young age. In combat, Soi Fong wields Suzumebachi, one of the more unique Zanpaku-to. She also seems to have the entire Covert Operations division at her beck and call, ready to fight at a moment's notice.

Vice Captain : Ohmaeda Marechiyo

Descended from one of the noble families in Soul Society. Omaeda is an enormous individual, dwarfing his petite Captain. He is also her opposite in personality, being rather a buffon and not especially bright. Not much else is known about him.

3rd Divisions

Captain : Ichimaru Gin

The sly-faced, perpetually smiling Ichimaru seems to be almost totally amoral, willing to injure even his own comrades if it helps him get what he wants. Ichimaru's personality is inscrutable. It is impossible to tell if his ever-present grin is merely a facade to hide his true thoughts, or if he really does take devilish glee in the various tragedies he sets in motion. As with most captains, Ichimaru's past is shrouded in mystery. However, he seems to have a rather strong relationship with vice-captain Matsumoto, who is probably his only true friend. Ichimaru's zanpaku-to is Shinsou, which he uses with impressive skill, if rather indiscriminately.

Vice Captain : Kira Izuru

A thin and somewhat neurotic individual, Kira is good friends with fellow vice-captains Hinamori and Abarai. He seems a decent enough sort, but is also extremely loyal to his captain, Ichimaru Gin. This sometimes puts him in difficult positions, where he is forced to choose between loyalty to his captain and loyalty to his friends.

4th Divisions

Captain : Unohana Retsu

A kind and peaceful woman, who is perfectly suited to be Captain of the healing-oriented Fourth Division. She seems willing to help almost anyone in need, but don't let her motherly appearance fool you; she is highly intelligent and possesses an extremely strong will. Though possessed of a compassionate personality, Unohana ultimately remains loyal to the core principles of the Gotei 13 and Yamamoto Genryuusai, even at times when she seemingly feels that official policy is not the right course of action. She has not engaged in any combat to date, but wields the healing zanpaku-to Minazuki as her blade of choice.

Vice Captain : Kotetsu Isane

As kind-hearted and mild as one would expect from the Fourth Division, but seemingly having a slightly more combative nature. She is extremely loyal to her captain, whom she idolizes, and has a sister (Kiyone) who is ranked as third seat of the Thirteenth Division. Not much else is known about her.

5th Divisions

Captain : Aizen Sousuke

Captain of the Fifth Division. A rather unassuming individual, but one with great depth. Sousuke is a brilliant thinker and fighter--probably the second most powerful captain after Yamamoto--and is respected among shinigami for his chivalrous demeanour. He seems to be wary of Ichimaru Gin and his motives. He acts gently toward his subordinates, particularly Hinamori Momo, his vice-captain. He recognizes the respect she has for him, and plays along with her hero-worshipping. His zanpaku-to is the amazingly devious and powerful Kyouka Suigetsu.

Vice Captain : Hinamori Momo

A sweet, gentle, and somewhat naive girl who seems entirely unsuited to be a vice-captain in the rough and dangerous world of Soul Society. Despite her cute and innocent appearance and demenour, however, she can cross swords with the best of them, and is an accomplished master of kidou. She has idolized Aizen Sousuke since before she became his vice-captain, and holds an almost unhealthy degree of loyalty to him, particularly in times of extreme emotion. Hinamori's best friend, however, is Hitsugaya Toushirou, captain of the Tenth Division (whom she calls "Shiro-chan" for short, much to Hitsugaya's annoyance). They have known each other since before they were shinigami, and she seems to love him as though he were her younger brother.

6th Divisions

Captain : Kuchiki Byakuya

Captain of the Sixth Division. Byakuya is head of the noble Kuchiki family, and as such is sophisticated in his philosophy and manner of speech. He is perpetually cool and collected--many might say cold and emotionless--having never been seen to either smile or lose his temper.
Despite his youthful appearance, Byakuya is actually a widower. His wife died some years ago, seemingly of one or another illness. It is not known whether Byakuya's reserved personality developed or increased after his wife's death, but it seems a logical assumption. He is Kuchiki Rukia's adoptive brother, but does not appear to possess or display much filial affection. Rukia even goes so far as to say at one point that Byakuya never once cared for her in the slightest. This may be a somewhat unfair portrayal, however, as Byakuya seems to be the type who keeps his cards close to his chest, so to speak. His weapon is the deadly Senbon Zakura, which he wields with suitable elegance to dispatch his foes.

Vice Captain : Abarai Renji

The personification of "attitude." Renji is almost the exact opposite of his captain, cocky, easily riled, and unsophisticated in his approach. He does not outwardly seem to have much respect for Byakuya, but in reality Renji greatly respects and fears him. It is his dream to one day surpass his captain, and he trains toward this end with almost fanatical fervour. Renji is friends with Kira and Rukia, with whom he attended the shinigami academy. He bears particular affection--and possibly something a bit more--for Rukia, and he is pained to see her sentenced to death. Though he initially goes along with the orders of Soul Society, Renji grows increasingly resistant as time passes to a course of action he sees as morally reprehensible.

7th Divisions

Captain : Komamura Sajin

The huge Captain of the Seventh Division. Komamura is a mysterious individual, hiding his features from view with a large helmet. He has a great sense of honour, being particularly devoted to Yamamoto Genryuusai. He is close friends with Tousen Kanamae of the Ninth Division. They share similar life philosophies, though Komamura is seemingly less gentle or hesistant in his approach than Tousen. When it comes time to fight, Komamura wields the niftily named Tengen, a blade with size to match his own.

Vice Captain : Iba Tetsuzaemo

A former member of the Eleventh Division, plainly evidenced by his continued love of fighting. Tetsuzaemon is the very image of a yakuza, with garish tattoos and a tanto (dagger) zanpaku-to secreted in his kimono. He still maintains good ties with the Eleventh Division, particularly with his old friend Madarame Ikkaku, though it is implied that Tetsuzaemon left the Eleventh in order to advance himself more quickly (which naturally caused some bad feelings with his former Division). Tetsuzaemon is a talented combatant and a master drinker.

8th Divisions

Captain : Kyouraku Shunsui

The creatively dressed Eighth Division Captain. As his overcoat, hat, and stubble might indicate, Shunsui is someone who lives life in a carefree manner. He loves to nap, joke, drink, and generally be laid-back about everything that comes his way. When things get serious, however, Shunsui shows that beneath his whimsical exterior lies intelligence, skill, and a sensitive and compassionate character that hates to watch suffering. Shunsui has an excellent relationship with his vice-captain (if somewhat love-hate on her part), and is also good friends with Thirteenth Division Captain Ukitake Juushiro, who, along with Shunsui himself, was one of the first graduates of Yamamoto Genryuusai's shinigami academy. It seems that Shunsui also has a good relation with Yamamoto, having coined the nickname "Yama-jii." When Shunsui is forced to fight, he wields the twin-blade zanpaku-to Katen Kyoukotsu with awesome skill.

Vice Captain : Ise Nanao

A careful analysis of Nanao-chan (as Shunsui calls her) will reveal that she shares much in common with her captain, such as intelligence, compassion, and sensitivity. What distinguishes them, however, is that Nanao is disciplined and businesslike, in stark contrast to Shunsui's often-lazy attitude. As such, she is the discipline and perhaps even the brains of the Eighth Division, working tirelessly to keep afairs in order and patiently enduring Shunsui's endless flirting and drinking. Nanao has a classic strict librarian's personality, complete with glasses and enormous tome. Despite her common annoyance with her captain, Nanao actually has quite a good relationship with her superior, and the two truly seem to care for each other. She also does not seem to be averse to the occasional social event herself, though one would imagine that she partakes of parties in strict moderation.

9th Divisions

Captain : Tousen Kaname

The blind Captain of the Ninth Division. Despite his disability, Tousen is a capable fighter with a strong sense of justice. He is also a staunch advocate of taking the path that leads to the least amount of violence. This outlook is shared by his good friend Komamura Saijin. Tousen is, therefore, highly suspicious of Zaraki Kenpachi and the battle-loving Eleventh Division, which he believes may one day plunge Soul Society into bloody chaos. When the situation demands it, he wields the powerful Suzumushi with skill that belies his blindness.

Vice Captain : Hisagi Shuuhei

Brave and talented, if a bit rough around the edges. Shuuhei was a top-level student at the shinigami academy, being offered a ranked spot in the Gotei 13 before he even graduated. His courage was emphasized when a training raid he led as an upperclassman (including Renji, Rukia, and Kira, interestingly) went sour and Shuuhei ordered the rest of the trainees to flee while he attempted to hold several powerful Hollows off.

10th Divisions

Captain : Hitsugaya Toushiro

The Tenth Division Captain is the youngest captain in the Gotei 13 by a considerable margin. He is known as a prodigy in study of the shinigami arts, earning him the nickname of "Tensai," or "Genius." Despite his youth, Hitsugaya is one of the more mature captains, level-headed and perceptive, if a bit lacking in the humour department. Unlike the unemotional Kuchiki Byakuya, however, the right set of circumstances will put Hitsugaya into anger, annoyance, etc.
Hitsugaya seems to get along well with just about everyone except Ichimaru Gin, whom he mistrusts. He has a particularly strong relationship with Hinamori Momo, and also has a strong bond with his vice-captain, Matsumoto Rangiku. When battle comes around, Hitsugaya wields Hyourinmaru, the most powerful ice-type zanpaku-to in Soul Society.

Vice Captain : Matsumoto Rangiku

Though most folks probably know her best by her ample... *assets,* Matsumoto is actually quite a capable and loyal vice-captain (if a bit on the lazy side). She has a good relationship with her captain, who--despite his seeming annoyance at her sleeping on the couch during working hours--holds great respect and even admiration for her. Matsumoto also has the unique (and perhaps dubious) honour of calling Ichimaru Gin a friend. As far as can be determined, she is Gin's only friend, having met long ago while she was training her spiritual energy. She seems to like Gin quite a bit (perhaps in an unrequited manner), and is the only person whom Gin seems unwilling to interfere with.

11th Divisions

Captain : Zaraki Kenpachi

The bloodthirsty Eleventh Division Captain. Zaraki lives for one purpose and one purpose only: to fight. All other concerns are basically secondary. Though Zaraki enjoys fighting with all his strength, he does not seem particularly concerned with winning or losing; the joy of battle is all that matters to him. Zaraki was originally a nameless swordsman fighting for his life on an apparently daily basis. After much trial, he was spotted by the shinigami and given a position in the Gotei 13, where he rose in the ranks until finally defeating (and, incidentally, killing) the previous Eleventh Division Captain in single combat. That's not to say that Zaraki doesn't have a softer side, though. He has an unlikely friendship in Kusajishi Yachiru, whose tiny, cute appearance and saccharine personality stand in stark contrast with Zaraki's massive physique and gruff manner. The two are inseperable, however, like father and daughter, and it's safe to say that Yachiru is the only person whom Zaraki's wrath has no chance of touching. Wielder of a nameless blade, Zaraki is the only captain in Soul Society who does not know the name of his zanpaku-to; this is a testament to his terrifying strength in combat and colossal spiritual pressure.

Vice Captain : Kusajishi Yachiru

Cotton candy to her captain's tiger, Yachiru seems distinctly out-of-place in the battle-loving Eleventh Division. She is consistently sweet and cute, somewhat airheaded, and totally devoted to her captain (as well as the only person in the world who can get away with calling him "Ken-chan"). Yachiru's perpetually happy personality is well-established; in her infancy, as a nameless orphan, she was quite bubbly and cheerful even among a pile of corpses, where Zaraki found her and named her. Since then, she has accompanied him wherever he goes, gleefully misleading him with her rather bad sense of direction and generally adding a splash of colour to Zaraki's otherwise dark life.

12th Divisions

Former Captain : Urahara Kisuke

The eccentric proprietor of the Urahara Shop, and a man shrouded in mystery. He's always carefree and witty, but also seems to always know just a bit more than he's telling you. As it turns out, of course, he's the former Captain of the Twelfth Division. For creation of an untraceable gigai that leeches shinigami powers, he was exiled at some point, and forever banned from re-entering Soul Society. (Why this ban was not also placed on his accomplices--which seem to be Yoruichi and Isshin--is a matter of some debate.) Urahara has an excellent relationship with Shihouin Yoruichi, who is said to be his only living relative. They act a bit like brother and sister, trading playful banter as well as more serious discussion with equal aplomb. There are also a few non-Shinigami who name Urahara as a friend, such as Tessai, Ururu, and Jin. Though almost always toting it around it its cane form, Urahara is masterful in the use of his zanpaku-to, Benihime.

Captain : Kurotsuchi Mayuri

The epitome of a mad scientist, and hence perfect for the job of Twelfth Division Captain. Mayuri paints himself black and white, wears a strange hat, and has altered his body to grant it many strange abilities. His main goal appears to be pursuit of forbidden knowledge at any cost, and he does not hesitate to resort to sadistic or underhanded methods to achieve his ends. Life means nothing to him; he would turn his own men into living bombs if it meant he could do or learn something more easily. Though Mayuri is completely cold and cruel to everyone he meets, he does have one loyal supporter in the form of his "daughter," Nemu. She is completely devoted to her master, uncomplainingly taking all manner of abuse and even wishing against his death.
On the frequent occasions when Mayuri wants to fight or perhaps revel in a bit of sadism, he wields the bizarre but lethal Ashisogi Jizou.

Vice Captain : Kurotsuchi Nemu

Kurotsuchi Mayuri's "daughter," created by the Twelfth Division Captain to be his loyal servant. Despite being constantly mistreated by her "father," Nemu remains totally obedient, loyal, and devoted to his goals. She is not, however, a fool, or someone to be taken lightly.

13th Divisions

Captain : Ukitake Juushiro

The Captain of the Thirteenth Division, with an almost legendary reputation for being a nice guy. Sadly, Ukitake has frail health and is ill a lot of the time, but in his better moments he is a strong and reliable fighter as well as a caring and compassionate leader. His best friend seems to be Shunsui, with whom he was a fellow student in the early days of Yamamoto Genryuusai's shinigami academy. However, the entire Thirteenth Division seems to love and respect their captain with almost fanatical fervour, and he may thus be said to be a friend of all his subordinates, though not notably close to any of them. Of course, as Kuchiki Rukia's former captain, he is quite concerned as to her eventual fate. On the rare occasions when he is both in good health and inclined to fight, Ukitake wields Sougyo no Kotowari, one of only two twin-bladed zanpaku-to in all Soul Society.

Former Vice Captain : Shiba Kaien

The deceased vice-captain of the Thirteenth Division. He bears a strong resemblance to Kurosaki Ichigo, and was apparently a good friend of Rukia's.

3rd Seat : Kotsubaki Sentaro and Kotetsu Kiyone

Two nutty and fiercely competitive shinigami. Since the Thirteenth Division is presently without a vice-captain, Sentaro and Kiyone fill the role of second-in-command until a replacement is selected. Both of them quite obviously have their eye on the vice-captain's seat, and to this end constantly try to prove their worth in the eyes of their captain. Their arguing and pomposity tends to make them look more silly than competent, however. Despite their rather ridiculous actions and personalities, the two third seats, like the rest of the Thirteenth Division, are deeply devoted to their captain and would probably follow him through Hell and back again if he asked them to.

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